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Further Thoughts on Business Blogging

This is a follow up post to describe some of the effects, from an SEO point of view, of my last post “Business Blogging Services and SEO – Essential Bedfellows”. It’s all very well talking about the benefits or SEO implications of blogging but, as always, the proof of the pudding is in the eating.

Indexation of My Blog Content by Google

The content of my last post was indexed by Google and was appearing in its search results in less than 20 minutes from publishing the post. Not only that, it was ranking on page 1 on a search for business blogging services. I have seen my content indexed and ranking that fast before but it still surprised me just how quickly that post got onto page 1.


From memory the blog post ranked straightaway at number 4 in google for “business blogging services” but four days later had moved to number 2, where it is today (please see the 1st screenshot below). For anybody outside the UK, I am referring to rankings in I had expected that post to rank well for that search term for a whole number of reasons but just not that quickly or that high. It is not the most competitive search term out there so I am not claiming some wonderful feat. It is unlikely to generate more than a few visits here and there. However, if you are providing blogging services to business in the form of blog writing services (aka content writing or content creation), then that is a very small and specialised niche so this is still a keyword that is highly relevant, useful and worth targeting. I noticed that some other sites were clearly targeting it too.

I was slightly surprised that The Blogshop was not appearing above me on page 1 for this search term because I had linked out to that site in my last post. However, on reflection, it made sense for a number of reasons.

I then checked the rankings for some other keywords. The post also ranked at number 4 for “blogging services”. Now I was starting to get more interested since that is a broader term. See 2nd screenshot below. Above me were only the blog services review page of a high authority review site called TopTenREVIEWS, Wikipedia and WordPress, the world’s most popular blogging platform (also used by this website). Below me were sites including another review site, Blogger (Google’s free blogging service), Typepad (another extremely popular platform) and The Blogshop.

The post is also ranking at number 17 today for “business blogging” and at number 1 for some less interesting, more specific, SEO related search terms which was no surprise at all (see 3rd and 4th screenshots).

Please click on any of the screenshots for a larger image.

business blogging services google search results

Business Blogging Services - Google Search Results

blogging services google search results

Blogging Services - Google Search Results

seo blogging services google search results

SEO Blogging Services - Google Search Results

blogging services for seo google search results

Blogging Services for SEO - Google Search Results

Keyword Targeting

As I mentioned in my last post, it is important to make your posts SEO friendly. Before writing that post, I made an assessment of the keywords most likely to be used by businesses searching for blog services and identified some clear targets. I decided not to target keywords like “blog writing services” or “copywriting services” for a number of reasons. I wanted to target 2 or 3 keywords for which I could reasonably expect my blog post to rank on page 1 without further work such as link building into the page the blog post was on. I was after low hanging fruit from long tail keywords.

Having decided upon keyword targets for the post, I then made sure I incorporated them into the most important positions in the post’s content.

Et, voila! Job done! :-)


The rankings for that post have generated a handful of visits including a good new prospect.

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A Little Later On …

About 2 hours after publishing the above post, I took the screenshot below showing the above post indexed and ranking alongside the previous post.

business blogging and seo services google search results

Business Blogging and SEO Services - Google Search Results

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