AdJuice in the U.S.

News, 21st September 2012

On Monday 17th September 2012, AdJuice in the UK acquired the domains and

Nothing else was acquired with these domains e.g. business assets and there remains no other connection between the UK business and the businesses in the U.S. that also used the name AdJuice but which have ceased trading.

Any references on other websites about and will almost certainly refer to the businesses in the U.S. that have now ceased trading. We have redirected the newly acquired domains and to this page of our website to ensure that people searching for those domains are directed to this explanation about what has happened to those domains.

News, 19th March 2012

As of recently, the websites on and also have been taken down. Whilst this could theoretically be for a number of reasons, some online indicators point to a collapse. A lot of the blogs in the U.S. that had write ups promoting, including links to their website, have now removed those links. That’s highly suspicious. We also noticed that has removed most of the pages of those two sites from its search index.

Background on The Domains

You have reached the website of AdJuice Ltd in the UK (company number 06372059), trading as “AdJuice”, on the “” domain,

For the avoidance of doubt there is no connection, and never has been any connection, between AdJuice Ltd in the UK and AdJuice in the U.S. which has previously hosted websites at and also .

AdJuice Ltd in the UK was incorporated on 17th September 2007 to provide white hat SEO services to businesses with websites in English. At the date of incorporation of AdJuice Ltd, a name check carried out by conducting a search on Google for “adjuice” confirmed there was no reference to any other business, person or entity using the word “AdJuice”. The word could not be found using Google. A domain check later revealed that the domain had in fact been registered several years earlier in 2004 but it was not being used at the time of our research.

There have been at least two businesses in the U.S. trading under the name of AdJuice. The two U.S. businesses we are aware of both initially hosted their website on the “dot com” domain –

The first business we are aware of in the U.S. to trade under the name of AdJuice started trading in 2008 (more than a year after AdJuice started trading in the U.K.) and that business became insolvent and ceased trading less than two years later in 2010. This business was a lead-generation internet advertising business owned by AdJuice Inc.

The second business we are aware of in the U.S. which used the name AdJuice was a different business from the first to the extent that it provided different services but it was established by the same team of people. Beyond Commerce Inc announced the launch of this second business in the U.S. on 3rd February 2011, as a group-buying website that claimed to save 50% or more at local restaurants, stores, spas and other local businesses. This business claimed to provide services similar to Groupon, the leader in the group buying sector.

If you would like any further clarification on any of the above or have any other questions, please contact us for a transparent and open discussion.