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Ever thought about setting up a single web page to represent, at a glance, your online activity and/or to convey a message about who you are are or what you do with a single image or just a few words?

Today I tested the service from by setting up a personal home page and was pleasantly surprised with how easy and quick it was. There are two levels of service – free and paid. With the paid option you can use your own domain name. Otherwise your page will be hosted at

I haven’t tested any other similar services so this is not a review of such services but simply an account of my experience with this particular service (with which I am not affiliated in any way).

Half the challenge (I find) with the ever expanding number of new services on the web is finding the time to find out what they are about and how they might be of interest. If you don’t prioritise your time carefully, you disappear into an abyss of pointless and fruitless pursuits.

There are already a lot of services that offer free web space, ranging from blogs, to social media sites to hosting companies offering free home pages. Most of them are fairly restricted in terms of design. You either select from a range of existing templates or have limited design options to modify them.

But why would you want a personal home page in the first place? Many people have lots of presences online. There are also tonnes of sites where you can list your activities.

What offers is a really simple way of uploading your own background image and then customising the design by choosing your own layouts, fonts, colours and adding in your own live feeds (nearly but not quite real time) and aggregating all of (or as much as you care to publish) your activity very quickly and conveniently in one place.

I have only the most rudimentary proficiency with Photoshop but managed to create a background from a couple of photos and upload the image to very quickly.

I decided to use my own domain name so searched to see if there were a domain available named Ewan and registered “” for single figure dollars. All I had to do was follow the instructions provided by Flavors and access my domain control panel at my domain registrar,, to create an “A record” to point the domain at the Flavors service. A few hours later, my web page was live at my own domain.

Also, today, the page has already been indexed by Google and was ranking at number 22 on a search for my name (2 words) and will almost certainly end up in the top 3. If you want your personal home page to rank highly in the search results on a search for your name (why wouldn’t you?), then it helps if you find your way in the design menu to the “meta data” and enter your name in the title field.

More and more people these days, from recruiters to business prospects and everyone in between, will google your name when they meet you or are going to meet you so it is very useful if you can control what they find about you.

This service lets you very easily, quickly and cheaply control one more piece of your online image.

There is also a directory on of existing personal home pages created by people who have done a far better job than me. Many of them are artists or publishers whose online image is vital to their success.

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