Archives for August 2011

Googles Expanded Site Links – Implications & Issues

Earlier this week, Google starting showing much expanded site links in its search results for brand type searches. A search for many brand names will now show 12 expanded site links beneath the main results as in the one shown below for Marks & Spencer. Previously, much smaller site links were shown. The number one […]

When To Start SEO

New Websites and Website Upgrades Ok, so your new website is finished and has been launched, so now it’s time to think about SEO, right? After all, SEO is just about (a) including your keywords on your website pages and (b) acquiring back links to improve your rankings and generate referrals. If you need to […]

Bad Links May Hurt You: Google Ups The Ante

Can bad links hurt your rankings? It has long been debated whether poor quality or spammy links could actually damage a website’s rankings in Google. I read yesterday that over the last few months, Google has been sending out emails to website owners warning them about artificial or unnatural looking links. I’ve seen examples online […]