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Home Page Title Tag Can Be a Dead Giveaway

Does Your Home Page Title Tag Indicate an Absence of SEO? Nearly every business owner or marketing manager I speak to relates stories of being repeatedly contacted by SEO companies promising to get them to the top of Google. These companies are usually sending out thousands of emails without making any attempt to assess whether […]

Google Place Search – a Leg Up For SME?

At the beginning of November, Google rolled out some major changes to some categories of its search results which may have a profound effect on both large and small businesses. The changes affect the results for searches that are considered, for one reason or another, by Google to be local in nature. This may be […]

Meta Keywords Tags Are Irrelevant – The Final Word

Most people in the SEO world have known for a long time that Google does not factor the contents of meta keywords tags into their search ranking algorithm. This fact has been officially announced by Google’s Matt Cutts. In this YouTube video, Matt also talks about the potential usefulness of meta description tags which I’ll […]

Keyword Domain Names or Brand Domain Names?

Which domain name to choose for your website is a complex decision so how do you make it and what factors are there to consider? One of the biggest decisions is whether to go for a keyword-rich domain name or brand domain name. Well, there are advantages to both so inevitably there are trade-offs to […]