Feefo Reviews

A client recently asked me to review Feefo and in particular its benefits from an SEO standpoint. I knew little about it up to that point but found it interesting enough to decide to make it the subject of my next (this) blog post. Although Feefo is first and foremost about reviews, it also has […]

Page Title Tags: Detailed Guide, Examples & Tips on Best Practice

Page Titles – Still Crucial, Still Neglected Page title tags offer one of the easiest opportunities for small businesses to improve their website’s performance in the search engines and yet countless numbers of small businesses – and even some bigger ones – neglect this vital piece of the SEO jigsaw. Having said they’re easy, there’s […]

How To Choose an SEO Company That Won’t Burn Your Domain

Is Your SEO Company Safe? Last month SEO agency iAcquire, in the U.S., was banned by Google for breaking its rules about link building. This post is aimed at non-SEOs so, for you folk, Google’s ban of iAcquire means that (at the time of writing this) you can no longer find iAcquire’s website in Google. […]

3 Poignant Examples Highlighting The Cruciality of SEO Audits

Hidden Road Blocks Ever wondered why your website doesn’t seem to be attracting any visits or as many as you expect? You might be amazed at how many hidden pitfalls could be lurking in your website’s code that could put the kibosh on your plans to dominate the world. This is a post for small […]

Google Penguin Update? Get Real!

Google’s Penguin Update If you haven’t heard of Google’s Penguin Update, you must have either been stuck in a crevasse for weeks or have no connections with the SEO industry. Before you waddle back to your igloo, skim what follows to see if anything ruffles your feathers, picques your interest or even pricks your conscience! […]

Google Venice Update Update

Curiouser and Curiouser Search Results Yesterday. Whilst scrambling to complete my final preparations for a client meeting at 10:00 am yesterday morning (what ever did happen to those days when I could get to my former company’s office in Oslo, Norway before 10:00 am?), I did a few test searches and saw some interesting results […]

Google’s Venice Update Rocks The Gondola

Significant Changes in Local Search Results. Yesterday, I picked up a post in Search Engine Land by Matt McGee about 40 Google search quality updates in February 2012, also announced in the official Google search blog. At number 26 in Google’s list of 40 items, is an update dubbed “the Venice update” and Google’s summary […]

Eliminate Duplicate Content to Profit From Thin Air

Duplicate Content Case Study In this article, I’ll explain how to make profit from thin air by eliminating duplicate content from your website. No, this is not some shady ‘get-rich-quick scheme’ full of hollow promises. This is a real example of how the identification, diagnosis and elimination of duplicate content became the biggest single contributory […]

Plagiarism Checks – Check This

Before I start, the image on the left of a copyright symbol is, itself, subject to copyright rules. Yup, I paid a couple of quid to use it here. The other day I stumbled across an example of another SEO service provider that had copied my content and published it on their website as though […]

Longest Meta Keywords Tag

Click On This Image Click on this image, which I’ve edited to do my best to anonymise it, to see the big picture of the longest meta keywords tag I have seen to date. It is 2,843 characters long. No, newbies, I did NOT count them – thanks to Microsoft Excel’s @Len function. Yes, two […]

SEO Cold Calls

There’s a lot of buzz (or steam coming out of ears) in the SEO blogosphere about cold calling and unsolicited emails from SEO companies. Even some of the biggest names in SEO get approached by complete SEO rookies offering to get them to the top of Google. Some of them make ridiculous claims such as […]

Rank Pages By Ignoring Google PageRank (Almost)

PageRank Matters – But Not For Ranking Pages It’s hardly surprising that a metric like Google’s infamous PageRank is so widely mistaken for a key determinant of how well a website page ranks (how high up it appears) in the search engine results pages (“SERPs”). But it is a naive mistake to assume that a […]

Googles Expanded Site Links – Implications & Issues

Earlier this week, Google starting showing much expanded site links in its search results for brand type searches. A search for many brand names will now show 12 expanded site links beneath the main results as in the one shown below for Marks & Spencer. Previously, much smaller site links were shown. The number one […]

When To Start SEO

New Websites and Website Upgrades Ok, so your new website is finished and has been launched, so now it’s time to think about SEO, right? After all, SEO is just about (a) including your keywords on your website pages and (b) acquiring back links to improve your rankings and generate referrals. If you need to […]

Bad Links May Hurt You: Google Ups The Ante

Can bad links hurt your rankings? It has long been debated whether poor quality or spammy links could actually damage a website’s rankings in Google. I read yesterday that over the last few months, Google has been sending out emails to website owners warning them about artificial or unnatural looking links. I’ve seen examples online […]

Smart-Traffic.co.uk – A Mysterious Disappearing Act

Smart-Traffic.co.uk Play Hide and Seek [Since I first published this post, I received a reply from Stuart Pollington at Smart-Traffic.co.uk explaining how he believes this anomaly arose. Since my post allowed for the possibility of inferring that a penalty may have been applied by Google, I feel it would be unfair to do anything other […]

Business Blogging for SEO – Google Search Results

Further Thoughts on Business Blogging This is a follow up post to describe some of the effects, from an SEO point of view, of my last post “Business Blogging Services and SEO – Essential Bedfellows”. It’s all very well talking about the benefits or SEO implications of blogging but, as always, the proof of the […]

Business Blogging Services and SEO – Essential Bedfellows

Are you blogging yet? Does your business have a blog? If not, are you beginning to feel it should? Do your competitors have blogs? Blogging has become a mainstream marketing activity for many businesses. Whilst more and more businesses are hearing about the value and increasing importance of blogging, many businesses are still wrestling with […]

Personal Home Pages From Flavors.Me

Ever thought about setting up a single web page to represent, at a glance, your online activity and/or to convey a message about who you are are or what you do with a single image or just a few words? Today I tested the service from Flavors.me by setting up a personal home page and […]

Meta Description Tags – Your Free Ad Copy

Meta description tags – the why, where and what. If you’re an SEO specialist, you’ll want to skip this post. This is aimed at small business owners, marketing managers and the plethora of web designers that offer SEO friendly websites – but … er … don’t. The meta description tag is another very simple yet […]